Small, portable and easy to use

Dry-go UV™, one-touch, your hearing device is the most efficient. Easy-to-use DRY-GO, your device and your hearing patterns and moisture cleans in just 3 hours. Regular use retains the comfort and efficiency of hearing daily, keeps you away from health care and additional expenses.


Dry-go UV it has a travel bag, easily portable, and can be charged with a USB cable in any environment and situation. Dry-go UV Protect your investment you have made in your device with your hearing device and you can continue to use throughout the long years of peace and security.

Drying the system with hot air flow connector

With the freedom to use it anywhere micro USB 5V

UV-C ışınları bakteri, mikrop ve mantarların %99,9’unu yok eder.

One-button use

Automatically setting the temperature in the room

3 hours automatically shuts off after drying

Eco-friendly and safe