In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids

Do you know which hearing aid style is best suited to your needs? Let us help you make an informed decision and find your ideal solution in cooperation with your hearing aid professional. Learn more about ITE hearing aids in this blog entry and the great advantages they bring to the table.

As their name implies, ITE hearing aids are worn directly in the ear. They are custom-made based on the anatomy of the wearer’s ear. Depending on the model, in-the-ear hearing instruments sit either in the bowl of the ear or in the ear canal.

ITE hearing aid components are arranged differently than those of BTEs or RICs:


ITE-insights-model-web-300x212 Blog

  1. Microphone – picks up the sound from the enviornment
  2. Mini-chip – processes the sound according to individual hearing needs.
  3. Receiver – delivers the sound.
  4. Battery door – holds the battery, that powers the hearing aid
  5. Vent – for optimum ear ventilation
  6. Removal cord (for the smaller models)

ITEs range from the so-called Micro-CIC instrument, which fits completely in the ear canal, to the full-shell hearing aid, which completely fills the bowl of the ear.

Signia ITE hearing aids feature the newest hearing techologies. They deliver great sound quality and unparalleled performance tailored made for demanding wearers.

Even tiny CIC models with a single microphone deliver superior directionality to the front, due to innovative technology that mimics natural hearing processes.

Take a look at the following photographs. Our model is wearing the latest Insio hearing aid. Can you see it?

ite-insio_primax_on_model_collage-web Blog