SIEMENS ORION 2 (BTE) Hearing Aids

Well connected, superbly convenient.

The laughter of a child, a conversation at a family gathering, or the rustle of leaves in the wind: No matter which tune life plays for you, Orion™ 2 is the perfect Essential_couple-birds_276px   partner to enjoy it with. Packed in discreet, rugged, comfortably fitting housings, all BTE models offer a host of practical features to suit your personal listening needs and sound preferences. This way, Orion 2 lets you hear sound the way you prefer.

More than that, Orion 2 is wirelessly controllable. You can stream calls from your mobile phone directly into your ears to understand every word clearly. Discover how easy it is to change your hearing programs or volume with useful apps. No matter how quickly the hearing situation changes, you can easily focus on what’s really important.

Orion2_BTE_dolphin-keychain_276px   Orion 2 offers:

  • Ergonomic, discreet design for a comfortable fit
  • Reliable performance over a long service life thanks to its rugged design
  • Nanocoated housing to provide unique protection from moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt
  • Automatic adaptive directional microphone that help improve speech understanding in noisy listening situations by focusing on the person talking to you from in the front while reducing sounds from other directions
  • Protective membranes that repel dirt and moisture to protect the microphones
  • Hearing instrument settings that are individually adjustable according to the listening situation
  • Convenient controls for easy handling
  • Improved spatial hearing because the left and right hearing instruments work together
  • Excellent feedback cancellation to prevent bothersome whistling noises
  • A tinnitus masker that can relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and improve your hearing at the same time
  • Built-in Telecoil for select models
  • An optional audio shoe for select models
  • Wireless connectivity for audio streaming via the easyTek™ and the use of remote controls for simple and discreet manual adjustments e. g. via the touchControl™ App on your smartphone

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